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Open Channel Flow Meter
SF-500S with LXD-04 Series
모델명 SF-500S with LXD-04 Series
원산지 미국 by S.Korea
분류명 Flow Meter

Technical Specification


SL-500S (Controller)
Measurement Method Ultrasonic non-contacting
Measurement Range

0.00㎥/h to 200,000.00㎥/h

Accuracy 0.2% of F.S
Resolution 1mm
Damping Rate 0.1m/min to100m/min
Data Logging Period Maximum 672 days (1hour interval)
Output Analog 2ea, 4 to 20mA into max 750Ω
Relay 3 Relays
Digital RS232, RS485, Modbus
Display illuminated Graphic LCD
IP Rating IP65
Temperature -20 to 60℃ (-4 to 140)
Material Polycarbonate
Dimension 166(W) x 250(H) x 95(D) mm
Weight Ca. 2kg
Power Supply

100 to 230V AC±15%, 50/60Hz, 29VA(12W)
Fuse : 250V T1.0A

DC 9 to 30V, Max 8W
LXD-04 (Sensor)
Measurement Method

0.3 ~ 4m(0.98 ~ 13ft)

Beam Angle 8° at -3dB
Process Connection 1“ PF
Weight ca.1.0kg
Material PVDF
Temperature -30℃ to 70℃(-22 to 158)
Temperature Compensation

Built-in temperature sensor

External temperature is also available
IP Rating IP68
Cable 2 Core Shield (AWG18)
Cable Extension up to 450m (1,470ft)
Certificate CE, UL, FCC

1 years

* The technical specification is subject to change without prior notice

SF-500S Ultrasonic Flow Controllers

Part NumberPower SupplyCommunications
SF500S-1AA3100 to 230 VACRS232
SF500S-1AB3100 to 230 VACRS485
SF500S-1AC3100 to 230 VACRS232 on Modbus
SF500S-1AD3100 to 230 VACRS485 on Modbus
SF500S-1BA39 to 30 VDCRS232
SF500S-1BB39 to 30 VDCRS485
SF500S-1BC39 to 30 VDCRS232 on Modbus
SF500S-1BD39 to 30 VDCRS485 on Modbus

LXD-04 Flow Sensors

Part NumberCable Length
LXD04-P5N5 meters
LXD04-P10N10 meters
LXD04-P20N20 meters
LXD04-P30N30 meters

파일명 확장자 다운로드
 SF-500S[Korean Brochure].pdf (5MB)
 SF-500S[English Brochure].pdf (5MB)

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