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Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Conveyors
Hydro Probe-OrbiterIII[HPORB03]
모델명 Hydro Probe-OrbiterIII[HPORB03]
제조사 Hydronix
원산지 영국
분류명 마이크로파 수분센서


The Hydro Probe-OrbiterIII is a rugged, hard wearing, digital moisture sensor that has been designed for use in mixers. 

It can be static mounted for rotating pan mixers or conveyor belt applications, or can be used as a rotating sensor, fitted to the mixer arm in static pan mixers.

Body : Stainless Steel
Sensing Face : Ceramic


The sensor is designed to be clamped to a vertical 25mm square mild steel bar (supplied by the customer).

Analogue Outputs

2 Configurable 0-20mA or 4-20mA current loop source available for moisture and temperature.

May also be converted to 0-10V DC.

Digital Inputs/Output

2 configurable digital signals are provided for batch average start/stop or for moisture / temperature multiplexing purposes.

Digital (Serial) Communications

Opto-isolated RS485 2-wire port. Uses Hydro-Com communications protocol for read/write access to sensor parameters and values.

Ethernet and USB interfaces are also available.

Moisture Range

The sensor will measure up to saturation of material.

Material Penetration

Approximately 75-100mm dependent on material.

Operating Temperature

The standard Hydro-Probe Orbiter operates to a temperature of 0-60 Degrees C.

The high temperature arm will work in materials with a temperature of up to 100 Degrees C as long as the electronics can be kept to a temperature of 60 Degrees.

The sensor will not measure in ice.

Refresh Rate

Outputs are updated 25 times per second.


The sensor is fitted with a 10-way MIL-SPEC connector. A 4, 10 or 25 metre, 6 twisted pair cable pre-assembled for connection to a waterproof junction box is available.

Power Supply

+15Vdc to +30Vdc. 4W

파일명 확장자 다운로드
 HPORB03_Brochure_v120[English].pdf (746KB)
 HPORB03_Brochure_v120[Korean].pdf (884KB)
 Probe Compare Charts.pdf (43KB)

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