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Moisture Sensor for Grain, Animal Feed, Nuts and Organic Materials
Hydro Probe-XTII[HPXT02]
모델명 Hydro Probe-XTII[HPXT02]
제조사 Hydronix
원산지 영국
분류명 마이크로파 수분센서


The Hydro-Probe XT is a digital, microwave sensor designed to measure moisture in flowing materials.

Typical applications include moisture measurement in grain, animal feed, nuts, oils and other organic materials such as wood pellets.

Body: Stainless Steel
Faceplate: Ceramic


The sensor must be placed in the flow of material.

Bins and Silos:- Install in the neck of a bin or underneath the gate.

Standard and Extension Mounting Sleeves are available to suit different bin widths.
Conveyors:- Secure in the flow of material

Analogue Outputs

2 Configurable 0-20mA or 4-20mA current loop source available for moisture and temperature.

May also be converted to 0-10V DC.

Digital Inputs/Output

2 configurable digital signals are provided for batch average start/stop or for moisture / temperature multiplexing purposes.

Digital (Serial) Communications

Opto-isolated RS485 2-wire port. Uses Hydro-Com communications protocol for read/write access to sensor parameters and values.

Ethernet and USB interfaces are also available.

Moisture Range

The sensor will measure up to saturation of material.

Material Penetration

Approximately 75-100mm dependent on material.

Operating Temperature

0-60 degrees C. The sensor will not measure in ice.

Refresh Rate

Outputs are updated 25 times per second.


The sensor is fitted with a 10-way MIL-SPEC connector. A 4, 10 or 25 metre, 6 twisted pair cable pre-assembled for connection to a waterproof junction box is available.

Power Supply

+15Vdc to +30Vdc. 4W

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 HPXT02_Brochure_v130[English].pdf (1,008KB)
 Probe Compare Charts.pdf (43KB)

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