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Manual Wire Crimp Pull Tester
Art.-No. WT3-201 Series
모델명 Art.-No. WT3-201 Series
원산지 미국
분류명 Wire Crimp Pull Testers

* Specifications

Capacity x Resolution: 200 x 0.1 lbF, 3200 x 2 ozF, 100 x 0.05 kgF, 1000 x 0.5 N, 1 x 0.0005 kN
Accuracy: ±0.2% of full scale
Wire gauge range*:AWG30 – AWG3*
Wire diameter range:0.01 – 0.25 in [0.3 – 6.3 mm]
Minimum sample length:6.5 in [165 mm], excluding termination
Maximum sample elongation:1.15 in [29.2 mm]
Power:AC or rechargeable battery.
Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, gauge shuts off automatically when power is too low.
Battery Life:Backlight on : up to 7 hours of continuous use
Backlight off : up to 24 hours of continuous use
Sampling rate:7,000 Hz
Outputs:USB / RS-232 : Configurable up to 115,200 baud. .
Mitutoyo (Digimatic) : Serial BCD suitable for all Mitutoyo SPC-compatible Devices.
Analog : ±1 VDC, ±0.25% of full scale at capacity.
Set points : Three open drain lines.
Safe overload:150% of full scale (display shows “OVER” at 110% and above)
Weight:16.1 lb [7.3 kg]
Included items:Universal voltage AC adapter, battery, quick-start guide, USB cable, resource CD (USB driver, MESUR®Lite software, MESUR®gauge and MESUR®gauge Plus 90-day trial, and user’s guide), NIST-traceable certificate of calibration

Art.-No. WT3-201Wire terminal tester, 200 lbF, 110V
Art.-No. WT3-201EWire terminal tester, 200 lbF, 220V EUR
Art.-No. WT3-201UWire terminal tester, 200 lbF, 220V UK
Art.-No. WT3-201AWire terminal tester, 200 lbF, 220V AUS
Additional Items to Consider
Art.-No. CERTCertificate of calibration with data
Art.-No. 15-1004MESUR®gauge software
Art.-No. WT3002Ring terminal fixture for WT3-201
Art.-No. WT3003Machinable blank terminal fixture
Art.-No. WT3004Carrying case for WT3-201
Art.-No. AC1049Calibration kit for WT3-201 (weights not included)
Art.-No. 09-1163Cable, WT3-201 to RS-232
Art.-No. 09-1165Spare USB cable
Art.-No. 08-1026Spare rechargeable battery
Art.-No. AC1030Spare AC adapter, 110V
Art.-No. AC1031Spare AC adapter, 220V EUR
Art.-No. AC1032Spare AC adapter, 220V UK
Art.-No. AC1035Spare AC adapter, 220V AUS

파일명 확장자 다운로드
 WT3-201 Series[Brochure].pdf (1MB)

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