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Vertical Motorized Tension / Compression Test Stand
Art.-No. ESM303 Series
모델명 Art.-No. ESM303 Series
원산지 미국
분류명 Test Stands

* Specifications

Load capacity:300 lbF (1.5 kN) @ up to 24 in/min (610 mm/min)
200 lbF (1 kN) @ >24 in/min (610 mm/min)
Maximum travel distance:18.0 in (457 mm)
Speed range:Standard: 0.5 – 13 in/min (13 – 330 mm/min)
Optional: 0.02 – 45 in/min (0.5 – 1,100 mm/min)
Speed setting accuracy:±0.2% of setting
Speed variation with load:±0% (stepper motor driven)
Travel accuracy*:±0.002 in. per 10 in. (±0.05 mm per 250 mm)
Travel resolution:0.001 in / 0.02 mm
Limit switch repeatability:0.001 in (0.03 mm)
Power:Universal input 80-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60W
Weight:56.5 lb (25.6 kg)

* Because load cell deflection and system deflection are present and not automatically compensated for, 

this equipment is recommended for applications requiring at least 0.2 in [5 mm] of travel distance.

Art.-No. ESM303Motorized test stand,110V*
Art.-No. ESM303-001-1Single column extension for ESM303, 6″
Art.-No. ESM303-001-2Single column extension for ESM303, 12″
Art.-No. ESM303-001-3Single column extension for ESM303, 24″
Art.-No. ESM303-002-1Double column extension for ESM303, 6″
Art.-No. ESM303-002-2Double column extension for ESM303, 12″
Art.-No. ESM303-002-3Double column extension for ESM303, 24″
Art.-No. ESM303-003Safety shield for ESM303
Art.-No. ESM303-004Control panel tabletop mounting kit for ESM303 / ESM1500
Art.-No. 09-1214Test stand-gauge interface cable
Art.-No. 09-1158USB cable
Art.-No. AC1062Load cell / indicator mounting kit for ESM303
Art.-No. AC1064Load cell hardware kit for ESM303
Art.-No. 09-1089-1Power cord, 110V US (included with ESM303)
Art.-No. 09-1089-2Power cord, 220V EUR (included with ESM303E)
Art.-No. 09-1089-3Power cord, 220V UK (included with ESM303U)
Art.-No. 09-1089-4Power cord, 220V AUS (included with ESM303A)
Controller Options
Art.-No. AF008FollowMe®
Art.-No. AF009Travel measurement
Art.-No. AF010PC control
Art.-No. AF011Travel limits
Art.-No. AF012Overload protection
Art.-No. AF013Auto return
Art.-No. AF014Cycling
Art.-No. AF016Independent up/down speeds
Art.-No. AF017Low speed range extension
Art.-No. AF018High speed range extension
Art.-No. AF019Break detection
Art.-No. AF020Load holding
Art.-No. AF021Preload
Art.-No. AF022Save multiple profiles
Art.-No. AFCOMPComplete options package

* ESM303 contains a universal power supply (80 – 240V) and includes a power cord with US plug. 

Add suffix ‘E’ for Euro plug, ‘U’ for UK plug, or ‘A’ for Australian plug. 

Ex : ESM303E

Power cords also available for purchase individually.

파일명 확장자 다운로드
 ESM303 Series[Brochure].pdf (2MB)

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