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Card Vibro Advance
VM-2004Adv(제조사 단종)
모델명 VM-2004Adv>(제조사 단종)
원산지 일본
분류명 진동계

Hardware specifications


1. Adaptive Pocket PC

Corresponding PDA

OS: MicrosoftR Windows MobileR 6 Classic MicrosoftR Windows MobileR 5.0
Processor: MarvellR Processor PXA310 624MHz (or more than)
Memory(RAM): 128MB or more
Interface: model that equips CF card with Type II slot and SD card slot


2. Card Vibro Advance(VM-2004Adv)


Separation Specifications
Model VM-2004Adv
Shape, Size

CF card with Type

Colour Black
Mass Approx. 25g(Card Module Only)
Power supply It is supplied from Pocket P.C.
Ambient Temperatuere 0~+45℃
Ambient Humidity 30~90%RH No Condensation is allowed

Voltage to Sensor Input(PU IN)

AC 2.5Vo-p max. Connector
8-pin modular jack

High-pass Filter fc=5kHz
Low-pass Filter fc=50kHz 6th order Butterworth
Gain Range ×1/×5/×20/×100
Full scale

×1: measure up to 1250m/s2 (for VP-2001A)
×5: measure up to 250m/s2 (for VP-2001A)
×20: measure up to 62.5m/s2 (for VP-2001A)
×100: measure up to 12.5m/s2 (for VP-2001A)

A/D Converter 16 Bit Resolution 128888kHz sampling
Waveform Voltage Output
(form PU OUT)

AC 2.5Vo-p max
Voltage AC 2.5Vo-pmax.
Sensor input voltage is amplifired
(x1/x5/x20/x100)and outputted
Connector 2.5φ Mini-Jack Output connector(monaural)

※1: ICP type accelerometer with an built-in charge amplifier cannot be connected. Charge output accelerometer can be connected through option charge amplifier CA-2001.

Software specifications


1. Main functions

  1. P parameters waveform measuring
  2. Overall calculation(PEAK,RMS,CF)
  3. skewness and kurtosis calculation
  4. Graph zoom, cursor display
  5. Judgement function (judge by skewness and kurtosis)
  6. P parameters FFT
  7. dominant frequency component TOP5 display function
  8. Graph zoom, cursor display
  9. Data Saving
  10. Search for Saved Data


2. VP-2001A accelerometer


Separation Specifications
Measurement Type
Frequency Range (Filter)


10~10kHz(fmax is changeable)
Velocity: V 10~1kHz
Displacement: D 10~150Hz
Enveloped Acceleration:E1 DC~50Hz(5~100Hz[BPF])
Enveloped Acceleration:E2 DC~500Hz(5~1kHz[BPF])
Enveloped Acceleration:E3 DC~5kHz(500~10kHz[BPF])
Enveloped Acceleration:E4 DC~10kHz(5~20kHz[BPF])
Measuring Range Max. Acceleration 500m/s2

Acceleration: A
Envelope: E1,E2,E3,E4

4range,10,50,200,1000m/s 2,Fixed/Auto
Velocity: V 4range,10,50,200,1000m/s2 ,Fixed/Auto
Displacement: D 4range,10,50,200,1000mm/s , Fixed/Auto

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